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Frequently Asked Questions

How many international airports are there in Dubai?

There are 2 major international airports in Dubai, the Dubai International Airport (DXB or OMDB) and the Dubai World Central or the Al Maktoum International (DWC or OMDW). 1. Dubai International Airport (DXB/OMDB): This is the main airport and when an airport serves a city like Dubai, it has to match up to its glory and the Dubai International ...

What is the three letter airport code?

The International Air Transport Association's (IATA) Location Identifier is a unique 3-letter code (also commonly known as IATA code) used in aviation and also in logistics to identify an airport. For example, JFK is the IATA code for, you might know it, New York's John F. Also Know, what is Birmingham airport code? BHX

What is the distance from Dubai Airport to Downtown Dubai?

The distance between Downtown Dubai and Dubai Al Maktoum Intl Airport (DWC) is 32 km. The road distance is 43.2 km. How do I travel from Downtown Dubai to Dubai Al Maktoum Intl Airport (DWC) without a car?

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