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Frequently Asked Questions

Is 'Dubai Bling' a reflection of life in Dubai?

According to Bodi, “Dubai Bling” is not a reflection of life in Dubai, but of the cast members’ lives as “successful individuals living in the city.” “The show sheds light on the opportunities the city has offered us and various people over the years,” she explained. “‘Dubai Bling’ is neither a comprehensive, nor holistic view of Dubai.

Is Netflix's 'Dubai Bling' causing criticism in the Middle East?

DUBAI: Netflix’s latest show on the Middle East, “Dubai Bling,” has been a hot topic this month on social media in the Middle East and beyond. Two of the show’s 10 stars — Safa Siddiqui and Farhana Bodi — spoke to Arab News about the criticism they have faced since the series launched and their thoughts on the global reach of the reality hit.

Who are the self-made millionaires on Dubai Bling?

These self-made millionaires are free-spirited individuals who search for power, money, and love on Dubai Bling. The cast comes from various countries, including Australia, Saudi Arabia, and South Africa, to name just a few. Popular names from the real estate business and entertainment industry, including influencers, are a part of this fresh cast.

Who is Adada from Dubai Bling?

Adada was born in California, but raised in Lebanon. She is a professional model who started posing at the age of 14. She is believed to be the second-richest cast member on Dubai Bling, with a net worth of close to $4 million dollars. Her career was not limited to modeling, as she hosted several TV programs.

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