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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of DSP?

Advantages of digital signal processing. DSP offers high accuracy. Hence, filters designed in DSP have tighter control over the output accuracy. Comparatively cheaper than an analog counterpart. Reconfiguration is very easy and only code or DSP program needs to be flashed after changes as per requirement.

What is a DSP and why do I need one?

One way we achieve amazing sound quality is through our use of a Digital Signal Processor (DSP). A DSP is a powerful tool, and it can transform the way a set of speakers, a subwoofer and an amplifier sounds in a car. Let’s look at how a DSP allows us to tune your mobile entertainment system.

What does DSP stand for?

What is DSP? DSP stands for digital signal processor, which sounds pretty self-explanatory. The technology is found inside headphones, smartphones, smart speakers, studio audio gear, vehicle entertainment systems, and much more. It’s actually a cornerstone of modern audio products.

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