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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of drums do you sell?

Shop and compare our selection of straight-sided drums, taper-sided drums and food grade styles as well as drums with an open head or open top (removable top) or tight head (sealed top with fittings). We sell drums in a range of colors and capacities, from 8 gallon to 55 gallon & more -- at Wholesale Pricing!

What are the different sizes of drums?

Drum sizes range from 4 gallons to 110 gallons and are available in tight head and open head styles with the most popular 55 gallon size in stock as well. Drums are made from plastic, carbon steel, stainless steel, composite, and fiber materials. New and reconditioned drums are available in both steel and plastic as UN rated and non UN rated.

What are repurposed 55 gallon barrels or drums?

NOTE: While we call these repurposed 55 Gallon Barrels or Drums, others may call them reclaimed55 Gallon Barrels or Drums. Funny, we’ve also heard them being called recycled 55 Gallon Barrels or Drums.

What are barrels and drums used for?

Barrels and drums are used for storage and transport in a variety of industries. Rather than blowing your budget by buying new, you can find great savings when you shop our inventory of surplus and used barrels for sale. We have a variety of barrel types and sizes to meet your needs. Shop and save today!

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