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Frequently Asked Questions

What does drift stand for?

DRIFT Stands For: (DOD,NATO) In ballistics, a shift in projectile direction due to gyroscopic action which results from gravitational and atmospherically induced torques on the spinning projectile.

How does drift work?

How Drifting Works. A simple drift has a car moving sideways through a single turn, but it can get much more complex than that. At the pro level, drivers can drift through several opposing turns without their wheels ever gripping the road. That's where the winding mountain roads come in -- aside from the death factor,...

What is drift website?

Drift is a robust, conversation-driven live-chat messaging platform aimed at providing communication services for sales and marketing teams. Going against traditional forms and follow-ups, Drift can turn the users’ website into a powerful marketing tool that can help them and their agents bag more sales.

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