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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect my student to Dreambox?

1 Open an internet browser on your student's computer or laptop. 2 Navigate to your school portal and log in using your student's Single Sign-On information. ... 3 In your school portal, select the DreamBox Learning icon. 4 DreamBox will open with the student automatically logged in.

What is Dreambox for kids?

DreamBox is here to help teachers support students’ learning this summer. Here are six fun math and reading activities that families can enjoy together while students improve their reading and math abilities. Every time I play DreamBox, I think I get a little smarter. What do kids say?

How does Dreambox's online K-12 reading solution work?

Students outpaced pandemic slide and grew 5+ points in just 8 weeks. DreamBox's online K-12 reading solution improves silent reading fluency, comprehension, vocabulary and motivation for all students. Yield rapid results for your district too.

What are the benefits of a Dreambox subscription?

Both Home Subscriptions and School Subscriptions of DreamBox Learning include parent access to a Family Dashboard that can be used to track student learning. Instructions to keep students signed in to DreamBox Learning. The full DreamBox Learning experience is available for iPad with our DreamBox Math app.

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