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Frequently Asked Questions

How many stock photos are there in 2017?

2017 Images and Stock Photos. 72,660 2017 photography and royalty free pictures available to download from thousands of stock photo providers. Calendar 2017 year vector design template. Stock Photo by Blotty 6 / 693

How do I download a picture from Facebook?

You can see pictures at right side. Also, you can see three tabs just below user profile picture. Click on image icon tab as shown above and then open any picture that you want to download. If you are on PC or laptop then you can see on right click of mouse it is getting zoom in.

How do I download images from the Internet to my mobile?

For saving in mobile, you must download FireFox or Opera browser. Then you must open image and then press and hold on image to save it. Similarly, you can download videos also.

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