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Frequently Asked Questions

How to download files on MacBook Air?

You can also quickly get to it from Go > Downloads ( Option+Command+L ). The Downloads folder is aptly named. It’s where your Mac stores files downloaded by Safari, attachments you download from Messages, and where many other apps save files when you download them from the internet or other devices on a local network.

How to find downloaded files on a Mac?

How to Find Downloaded Files in Mac OS X. Click on Downloads on the left side of the screen under Favorites. Alternatively, the right side of the dock has its own Downloads option, to the immediate left of the Trash icon. Tap the Downloads icon to fan out a menu of all of the items you've recently downloaded.

Where should you store your documents on your Mac?

Apple increasingly nudges people to store their documents in the cloud. Since macOS Sierra, you can opt to store your Desktop and Documents folders in iCloud, making whatever’s within them more easily accessible from other Macs and mobile devices.

How to change the default download folder on the Mac?

So for today’s article, let’s go over how to change the default download folder on the Mac! Luckily, the process of changing the default download directory pretty similar in the three main Mac browsers. Open the Safari app and click on the Safari drop-down menu at the top left. Choose Preferences.

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