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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download the Facebook Messenger app?

Go to where you get your apps. Click or tap the Messenger app and follow the on-screen instructions. You can go to the App Store to download Messenger for the Apple Mac. You can go to the Google Play store to download Messenger for Windows Desktop. Open the Messenger app for Windows. Click in the top left.

Is Facebook Messenger free to use?

Facebook Messenger is a free application you can use to chat with your friends and family. It has a ton of built-in features that make communication fun and engaging. From images, gifs, video messages, voice notes, and stickers, you can send almost anything.

What is the download size for the Facebook Messenger app?

A fast and data-efficient messaging app to reach the people in your life. - Installs quickly. It's less than 10MB to download! - Saves data. It loads fast, runs efficiently and uses less mobile data.

What are the features of the Facebook Messenger app?

Facebook Messenger is the official Facebook messaging app that will allow you to chat with all your friends from the popular social network. Send and receive text messages and establish exchanges on your mobile device if you're away from your computer. This information will also appear and be saved in the browser version of your PC.

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