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Frequently Asked Questions

What are CME FX futures?

Whether you want to hedge your currency exposure or seek to profit on changes in exchange rates, consider CME FX futures. For over 45 years, CME Group has been defining, developing and diversifying access to FX markets via futures for customers around the world, nearly around the clock.

What are USDX futures?

The ICE U.S. Dollar Index (USDX) futures contract is a leading benchmark for the international value of the US dollar and the world's most widely-recognized traded currency index.

What is CME FX link?

CME FX Link, the only central limit order book for FX swaps, is now available with committed cross functionality, helping you achieve greater capital and credit efficiencies. Manage risk and find opportunities in futures and options on G10 currencies, with the most liquid and capital-efficient FX futures market.

What are the trading hours for US dollar index futures?

US Dollar Index futures are traded for 21 hours a day on the ICE platform. Electronic Trading Hours (Sun - Fri) *The trading platform is available 30 minutes before the opening for order entry.

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