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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a 1953 five dollar bill worth?

1953 red seal five dollar bills come in four different varieties. There are series of 1953, series of 1953A, series of 1953B, and series of 1953C. All of these five dollar bills are worth about $6 each in average circulated condition. If the 1953 red seal fives are uncirculated then something closer to $15 will be more accurate.

What is the value of 1953 Gold 2 dollar bill?

A 1953 $2 bill is worth about $8 regardless of the series in which it falls. Star notes are a bit more valuable at around $10 as well as any bill with a unique serial number. This is quite a jump in value, especially if you have several notes stashed away.

What is the value of a 1953 Red Seal 2 dollar bill?

All the different 1953 red seal two dollar bills are equally common. In average condition any 1953 red print $2 should sell for about $2.50 to a dealer or collector. If you have a run of 100 consecutive red writing two dollar bills, expect about $8 per note. The same $8 applies to smaller runs of consecutive notes.

What is the value of a series 1953 B two dollar bill?

They are all common in both circulated and uncirculated condition. Value: Two dollar bank notes from 1953 (all series) sell for about $8 in perfect condition and around $3 in circulated condition. Even star notes are rarely worth more than $10.

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