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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 1934 100 dollar bill worth?

Series of 1934 $100 bills with a green seal are very very common. Many 1934 $100 bills are still in circulation. Any 1934 $100 bill that isn’t in perfect condition is only worth the face value of $100. 1934 green seal one hundred dollar bills in perfect condition will carry a slight premium.

How much is an one hundred dollar bill 1934 series?

One hundred dollar bills from 1934 with a star symbol at the end of the serial number have a good chance to be worth $250 or more. The value of 1934 $100 star notes purely depends on condition and the serial number. 1934 $100 green seals can also have a low serial number.

What is a 1934 Brown seal 50 dollar bill worth?

$50 Brown Seal National Bank Notes (1929 & 1934) All small size, like pictured above, national bank notes will have brown seals and serial numbers. The value of these notes relies heavily on the state and issuing bank. Sometimes these notes can be worth $70, other times they'll be worth thousands .

What is the value of a 1934 US 10000 Bill?

Series 1934 $ 10000 Atlanta, GA Federal Reserve Note: About as rare as the $5000 note in the series, the $ 10000 note is a joy to behold. I have personally never owned one but perhaps one day I will be fortunate. A range of estimates for this note would be between $40000 and $125000 for a perfect note.

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