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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do plants store food energy in seeds?

Why Do Plants Store Food Energy in Seeds? Plants create food in the form of sugar and oxygen during the photosynthesis process. The plant uses this food to grow leaves and fruit and stores the excess in the seeds, roots and stems of the plant for plant growth.

What is the purpose of seed storage?

Seeds are a store of food — for the seeds, so that seedlings can grow after germination but before they have anchored in the soil. A plant that consumes its own seeds has failed.

Where do seeds store food and water?

they store food in their seeds which also contain their embryos The central vacuole, an organelle inside each plant cell, stores food, water, and waste. Why do seeds need a store of food? because that is the only way to keep them alive Where do seeds get food from?

Can you store seeds in the refrigerator?

While you can simply hide seeds in the back of your refrigerator, you’re probably going to want to keep your seeds cooler than your food is. Many people store seeds at or around 35-40 degrees, and the lower end of that scale may cause frost damage to your food. Having a separate, temperature-controlled location for your seeds is a really good idea.

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