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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a face mask with a movable jaw?

Whether scary or colorful, this skull mask with a movable jaw is fun to make and wear. Draw a skull on the poster board, or download and trace a free printable skull template. Cut out the eyes and nose where indicated and cut off the bottom jaw. Reattach the jaw to the skull.

What is this skull mask for?

This is a skull mask, modeled more or less after a wolf skull that can be used for things such as cosplay or halloween costume purposes. For some background information that will be useful, plus it's what I modeled this project after would be this skull mask tutorial and worblapie tutorial.

How do you make a skull out of a hole?

Poke holes through the top corners of the jaw and through both sides of the skull where the jaw was attached. Align the holes in the jaw and the skull and poke a fastener through each side with the prongs on the back. Open the prongs to hold it in place. Paint and decorate the skull as desired.

How do you say Trick or treat with a skull mask?

Move the jaw on a skull mask to say "Trick or Treat." The skull is a universal symbol that means danger and death. Skulls are a common sight on Halloween, when children in skull masks appear on people's doorsteps to scare them into giving away candy.

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