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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of divorcée?

English Language Learners Definition of divorcée : a divorced person especially : a woman who is divorced See the full definition for divorcée in the English Language Learners Dictionary

What is a divorcee in France?

di•vor•cée or di•vor•cee (dɪ vɔrˈseɪ, -ˈsi, -voʊr-, -ˈvɔr seɪ, -ˈvoʊr-) n. a divorced woman. [1805–15; < French divorcée,feminine of divorcédivorcé]

What do you call a woman who has been divorced?

A divorcée is a woman who has divorced, and a divorcé is a man who has divorced. The words come directly from French, which unlike English uses masculine and feminine forms for most nouns denoting people. In French, divorcé is the past participle of the verb divorcer.

What is a contested divorce?

Contested divorce is when one of the spouse is not willing to divorce the other spouse, under such condition the divorce is granted only on certain grounds according to the Hindu marriage act of 1955.

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