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Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Divini Rae?

The 42-year-old, Divini Rae is an American motivational speaker, author, fitness expert, and health/wellness advocate. Rae has gained international fame as a cover model for leading lifestyle publications. Well, she has appeared on Playboy Magazine and Australia's Inside Sport Magazine.

Who is Divini D'Amelio?

Divini was discovered by a female photographer on Bondi Beach in Sydney. Afterward, she began a successful career in lingerie, swimwear, and commercial modeling. Besides, she also worked as a makeup artist. Over the past few years, Divini developed experience in numerous areas of the entertainment industry.

Who is Divini Rae Sorenson?

Divini Rae Divini Rae Sorenson was born on July 31, 1977, in Alaska, United States. Her father was a fisherman, and she grew up in a fishing village. Also, she belongs to Swedish/English/Cherokee Indian heritage.

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