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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Dish Network offer streaming TV?

Dish Network unveils new streaming service. About 20 channels will be available, such as the Disney Channel, ABC Family, the Food Network, HGTV, the Travel Channel, TNT, TBS and the Cartoon Network. Sling TV is not to be confused with the SlingTV device that allows viewers to watch TV remotely.

Can you watch Dish Network online?

You must be a DISH customer and log in with your DISH user ID and password. The networks you subscribe to at home will then "unlock", giving you access to watch them online. You must have an internet-connected DVR on your DISH account.

Does Dish TV need a satellite dish?

Even if you are capable of tuning your TV and configuring your set-top box, putting up a satellite dish requires some expertise and equipment. Like analogue satellite TV before it, digital satellite television requires a relatively small satellite dish that serves just your household.

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