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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Dish Network charge for local channels?

Cable companies do charge for the local networks. As all cable customers are able to receive local channels, the price is incorporated into the basic package price. Dish Network pays each affiliate for the rebroadcast rights. Since not all customers qualify to receive local networks, Dish Network cannot add the local channels to its basic packages.

Does Dish Network have a TV Guide?

This DISH channel guide, complete with channel numbers and your local stations, is the best way to choose a TV package you'll love. DISH delivers hundreds of channels in plans that fit your lifestyle! Find the channels you and your family watch, and compare package lineups side-by-side.

What are the TV channels on Dish Network?

Food Network (TV channel on DISH Network) DISH Network Channel Number: 110. Broadcast Resolution: High Definition (HD) Channel (100% digital) Video on Demand (VOD) Availability: Yes. We have Food Network listed as a General Entertainment TV channel offered by DISH.

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