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Frequently Asked Questions

Does your Dish TV have The CW channel?

Can you get the CW on antenna? CW, the (Local) (TV channel on DISH Network) We have CW, the (Local) listed as a Local Network TV channel offered by DISH. The CW Television Network (CW) is an entertainment-based broadcasting channel that began in 2006 when UPN merged with the WB.

What channel is CW6 on Dish Network?

CW Network on DISH (1 Viewer) CW Network on DISH. (1 Viewer) who receives the cw network on dish network channel 251,252, 254 or 255. According to dish network these channels no longer exist. anyone on this forum get any of the above channels. was told today that was a distant network channel and they no longer offer them but they can offer me what use to be a upn channel like channel 238 or 8775.

What channels does Dish TV offer?

The Dish offering, dubbed Sling TV, will launch in a few weeks and also include channels from Disney, Scripps and Time Warner's Turner. About 20 channels will be available, such as the Disney Channel, ABC Family, the Food Network, HGTV, the Travel Channel, TNT, TBS and the Cartoon Network.

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