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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the theories of Lifespan Development?

the lifespan development theory was originally viewed as part of developmental psychology and was focused on the study of human development from conception to death. 11, 12 studied empirically since the 1960s and ’70s, the lifespan development approach proposes an “integrative perspective on development as a multidimensional, multidirectional, …

What is development across the life span?

Personality Development across the Lifespan examines the development of personality characteristics from childhood, adolescence, emerging adulthood, adulthood, and old age.

What is life span and development?

Welcome to life span, growth and development. This is the study of how and why people change or remain the same over time. This course is commonly referred to as the “womb to tomb” course because it is the story of our journeys from conception to death. Human development is the study of how we change over time.

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