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Frequently Asked Questions

What is OE?

What is OE? Ophryocystis elektroscirrha (OE) is a parasite that infects monarch, queen, and lesser wanderer butterflies. OE is not an animal or plant, but a single-celled organism known as a protozoan, a living thing that has many of the same characteristics as animals. OE must live within a host to grow and multiply.

What is the OE symbol Alt code?

The OE Symbol alt code is 0156. Even though this Symbol (œ) does not have a dedicated key on the keyboard, you can still type it on the keyboard with the Alt code method. To do this, press and hold the Alt key whilst pressing the OE Symbol Alt code (0156) using the numeric keypad. This method works on Windows only.

What is the difference between ø and ö?

The Dano-Norwegian ø is, like the German ö, a development of oe and can be compared with the French œ. In other languages that do not have the letter as part of the regular alphabet or in limited character sets such as ASCII, o -umlaut is frequently replaced with the digraph oe.

What does the letter œ mean in the German alphabet?

It represents the umlauted form of o, resulting in [ œ] or [ ø]. The letter is often collated together with o in the German alphabet, but there are exceptions which collate it like oe or OE. The letter also occurs in some languages that have adopted German names or spellings, but it is not normally a part of those alphabets.

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