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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the Department of Trade and industry?

Department of Trade and Industry was replaced by Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills and Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform. DTI was replaced by BERR and DIUS in 2007.

Where is the Department for international trade?

The Department for International Trade will open an office in Darlington, the second government department to move to the town, it has been announced. The department will employ 500 senior civil servants by 2030, the government said. It is one of four hubs being created around the UK, the others being in Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast.

What are the different divisions of the Department of trade?

1968-1972: Board of Trade; General and Industrial Division and predecessors and Department of Trade and Industry: Industrial and Commercial Policy Division: Registered Files (GI Annual Series and G1 Annual Series) 1960-1981: Board of Trade and Successors: Posts and Telecommunications Division and predecessors: Registered Files (CLB Series)

What is the International Trade Secretary doing in Singapore?

The International Trade Secretary lands in Singapore to sign a groundbreaking digital trade deal. The UK and India will today (Thursday 13 January) launch negotiations on an ambitious Free Trade Agreement at an event in New Delhi.

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