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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dell SupportAssist a 'bloatware' program?

SupportAssist comes pre-installed on many Dell laptops, making it typical bloatware which most users simply ignore when they get a new machine. And other OEMs use the same software under the name ...

Can't download Dell Support Assist?

To find it, click Start and navigate to All Programs - > Dell. If it is not preinstalled, follow installation instructions that are given below: Scroll down to the Get Started. In Managing Personal Devices, click Download SupportAssist for PCs and Tablets. A pop-up is displayed.

How to run SupportAssist Windows 10?

Type Services in the start menuRight click on 'Services' and run as administratorType in the administrator password as neededFind and double-click the service "Dell SupportAssist"Go to the Log On tab and select the Run as thing and add your admin account, with user / passMore items...

Can't Run Dell Support Assist?

To do this, follow the steps below: Step 1: Open the Settings application and open the Apps part.Step 2: Now, find Dell SupportAssist and uninstall it.Step 3: Once the uninstall is completed, restart the system and then reinstall the latest version of Dell SupportAssist...More ...

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