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Frequently Asked Questions

What does call delay mean?

call delay(Noun) In telecommunication, the delay that occurs when a call arrives at an automatic switching device and no channel or facility is immediately available to process the call.

What is the definition of delay?

Kids Definition of delay. 1 : a putting off of something We began without delay. 2 : the time during which something is delayed We will have a delay of 30 minutes.

What is the mean of delay?

delay(Noun) previously unexpected period of time before an event occurs; the act of delaying. delay(Verb) To put off until a later time; to distract. delay(Verb) To retard; to stop, detain, or hinder, for a time.

What is the synonyms of delay?

Synonym Discussion of delay delay, retard, slow, slacken, detain mean to cause to be late or behind in movement or progress. retard suggests reduction of speed without actual stopping. slow and slacken also imply a reduction of speed, slow often suggesting deliberate intention , slacken an easing up or relaxing of power or effort.

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