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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Degrassi The next generation?

Kids in junior high are at amazing stage in their lives: one moment they’re secretly cruising pornographic sites on the web; the next, they’re crying over the loss of their favourite stuffed toy. Degrassi: The Next Generation is a topical and entertaining series that captures this unique world of today’s child/adult on television and online.

What happened to Spike and Caitlin in Degrassi?

Spike, Caitlin, Joey, Lucy, and Snake have a high school reunion at Degrassi Community School. Joey's wife has died and he is unsure if he wants to go to the reunion, especially after meeting Caitlin's fiancé. Meanwhile, as Emma (Spike's daughter) is preparing to enter grade 7, she meets a boy online named Jordan.

How does Degrassi ruin Frankie's relationship with her father?

Degrassi's fundraising scandal threatens to ruin Frankie's relationship with her father. Zig and Tiny compete to get a cheerleader's number. Clare is confident that she can really have it all. 12. Firestarter, Pt 2 The Hollingsworth campaign is in its final stretch, and the stress level at home is high.

Who are Spike and Emma in Degrassi?

Returning to Degrassi for the reunion, they are reunited with Spike (Amanda Stepto) and her daughter, Emma (Miriam McDonald). Now twelve years old, Emma is entering a new phase of her life-- Grade 7 at the newly refurbished Degrassi Community School.

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