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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Clare ask Eli at Degrassi?

Clare wonders what he's doing at Degrassi. Eli sarcastically apologizes for interrupting her "lunch date." Clare says her and Drew were just working on student council stuff and gets Eli to stop walking away. Clare grabs his arm and asks him to talk to her. Eli asks if Clare loves Drew and Clare says she doesn't.

Are Clare and Eli together?

After the exam Clare confronts Eli about their relationship and she asks if they're together and he says yes, and they decide to go to the dance that night. After Clare bought the tickets she was told by Fitz that if she went to the dance with him, he would leave Adam and Eli alone, to which Clare agreed.

What do Clare and Jenna do in Degrassi?

Both Jenna and Clare watch in anticipation then cheer as Dave sinks a basket. In celebration, they hug and smile at each other. Later, Clare and Jenna sit by the steps of Degrassi and smile and laugh as they talk. Dave and K.C. watch them and talk about Dave getting with Jenna.

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