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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you cover a deep outlet on a wall?

If you need a plate to cover deep outlets that sit back in the wall, use a standard cover after stacking spacers underneath the device to pull it forward or use a goof ring to support the device once pulled flush with the surface.

What is an extra deep cover plate?

These plates are only available in stainless steel and feature a different edge from the typical beveled edge you find on standard and deep cover plates. Note that extra deep plates have rounded edges and are not meant to be stacked with EXDR depth rings (the corners will not align).

What is the standard size of an outlet cover plate?

Standard light switch and outlet cover plates have a 5/32". If your standard plate doesn't sit flush with your wall, find several solutions to fix gaps between your wall and cover plate below. Find the correct solution based on which type of device you are covering.

How do you cover an electrical box with a switch plate?

Get the extra coverage depth you need with a deeper wall plate. Buy raised outlet covers and switch plates to cover an electrical box that protrudes from the wall. These extra deep switch plates have a beveled edge that wraps around electrical boxes that aren't sitting flush with the wall.

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