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Frequently Asked Questions

Why decorum furniture stores?

Their design advice, expertise and experience create an environment without pressure or sales expectations. You are welcomed when you enter, but never badgered until you are desperate to leave.Times may change, but quality is timeless. If your dreams are the blueprints for reality, then take them to Decorum – the pantheon of furniture stores.

Where does decorum home + design ship from?

We ship anywhere in the US! Decorum Home + Design offers organic and soft contemporary furnishings and accessories to outfit any space with comfortable luxury. Its style can be described as “traditional, with a punch.” We carry the best in traditional and modern furniture.

What services does decorum offer?

The store is also the headquarters of Decorum’s fresh, sophisticated design team, which provides home interior design services including furniture selection, color consultation and window treatments.

Can a decorum chair be repaired?

I called Decorum seeking assistance in having my chair repaired, they did some research and said they could order a new cushion, and do the repair. Also due to COVID getting supplies was difficult and time consuming, however the folks kept me informed as to the expected arrival date and repair.

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