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Frequently Asked Questions

What is thoracotomy with decortication?

The thoracoscopic decortication is usually performed when the lung is roofed by the thick, inelastic pleural peel restricting lung expansion. Within a non-medical aspect, decortication may be the removing the bark, husk, or outer layer, or peel of visceral pleura of thorax.

What is decortication surgery?

Pleurectomy/decortication surgery is an aggressive treatment option for pleural mesothelioma. It involves removing the pleural lung lining and all visible tumor masses, while leaving the affected lung in place. For this reason, mesothelioma specialists often call it lung-sparing surgery.

What is decortication lung?

A lung decortication is a cardiothoracic surgical procedure usually performed for situations such as a chronic thoracic empyema or a chronic hemothorax where a diseased, often chronically infected, pleura is debrided from the adjacent lung and removed. It is also sometimes performed in selected cases of pleural mesothelioma 6 .

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