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Does decortication arrest the symptoms of osteomyelitis of the jaw?

In four of the six patients with primary chronic osteomyelitis, the decortication arrested the symptoms of the disease. The findings are discussed, and decortication is strongly recommended as a means of treating osteomyelitis of the jaws. Presented in part at the Oesterreichische Zahnärztetagung, Graz, Austria, September, 1968.

What is decortication and how does it work?

Decortication is a type of surgical procedure performed to remove a fibrous tissue that has abnormally formed on the surface of the lung, chest wall or diaphragm. Generally, there is a space (called pleural space) in between the lungs and the chest wall, which is lined with a very thin fluid layer for lubrication.

What is lung decortication?

Lung decortication is a well-known procedure that was first performed by Delorme for the treatment of empyema in 1895.[1]  There are approximately 1 million patients hospitalized in the United States each year with pneumonia.

What are the surgical approaches to osteoradionecrotic jaws?

Surgical approaches for osteoradionecrotic jaws may encompass a series of procedures, including wound debridement, which involves the removal of infected and devitalized teeth and associated soft tissues, sequestrectomy, which is the removal of devitalized bony fragments or an involucrum of the jaw,...

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