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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the parts of decorticate posturing?

There are two parts to decorticate posturing. Decorticate posture — a sign of severe damage to the brain — is an abnormal posturing in which a person is stiff with bent arms, clenched fists, and legs held out straight. The arms are bent in toward the body and the wrists and fingers are bent and held on the chest.

What is decortication and how does it work?

Decortication is a type of surgical procedure performed to remove a fibrous tissue that has abnormally formed on the surface of the lung, chest wall or diaphragm. Generally, there is a space (called pleural space) in between the lungs and the chest wall, which is lined with a very thin fluid layer for lubrication.

What is decorticate posturing in gunshot wounds to the head?

Patients with gunshot wounds to the head who demonstrated either decorticate or decerebrate posturing had a close to zero chance of a meaningful recovery.[19]  The Hunt and Hess subarachnoid hemorrhage severity grading scale includes decerebrate posturing in grades 4 and 5.

Should I be worried about decorticate rigidity?

People who have decorticate rigidity should get medical attention right away. Decorticate posturing is a sign of damage to the nerve pathway between the brain and spinal cord. Although it is serious, it is usually not as serious as a type of abnormal posture called decerebrate posturing.

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