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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of jobs in a dance company?

Depending on the size of the dance company, there might be a multitude of different administrative positions available as well, from general office management, to marketing, to fundraising, dance companies require a diverse team of people to run smoothly. 5. General Arts Administration

Where can I work as a dancer in the UK?

Many dance jobs are based in London, but there are also opportunities to work for regional dance organisations and companies, touring productions and to work abroad. You could work full-time for a dance company, although you are usually more likely to work as a freelancer on short, fixed-term contracts.

What are the different roles in a dance team?

Roles 1 Artistic Director 2 Artists 3 Choreographers 4 Dancers 5 Board of directors 6 Education administrator 7 Technicians 8 Receptionist 9 Marketing Manager 10 Finance manager More items...

What is the job description of a ballet dancer?

Their job description entails using gestures and body language to portray a situation or concept usually with musical accompaniment. Dancers specialize in one or more genres which can either be ballet, street dance, contemporary dance, or African or Asian dance to mention but a few.

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