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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dallas ISD Summer Breeze 2022?

During Dallas ISD Summer Breeze 2022, students will have two months to discover the excitement of summer learning. Thanks to the district’s free summer school program, students will have a chance to connect with their peers, partake in rigorous tasks, accelerate learning, and improve their social and emotional well-being

What is the summer school program?

“The summer school program is the perfect vehicle to help students make educated choices about the different learning opportunities in Dallas ISD,” said Merrill Devenshire, director for Dallas ISD Extended Learning Opportunities.

What is the school intersession calendar?

Forty-one schools will have an intersession calendar, where school starts Aug. 9 and ends June 23. This creates time for five additional intersession weeks spread throughout the year. Not all students will be asked to attend the extra intersession weeks.

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