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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to order Dahlia bulbs?

Breck's offers many different dahlias and dahlia bulbs for sale. We carry over 100 different dahlia tubers. As you browse our dahlia bulbs, pay attention to the height and size of the flowers you prefer. You will find many dahlia varieties with gorgeous flowers.

When should I plant Dahlia bulbs?

Dahlia needs a ground temperature of approximately 60 degrees. This is mostly possible in spring with longer and warmer days. To be more specific, ideal time for planting Dahlia bulbs is from mid April to May.

How many dahlias per tuber?

Plant each dahlia tuber 4 to 6 inches deep. For best results, plant one dahlia per container. Varieties that reach mature heights of no more than 2 feet or less are well-suited for growing in containers. Larger varieties may also be grown in containers, but require proportionally larger containers.

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