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Frequently Asked Questions

What services does CWU offer?

All CWU students, including those attending CWU remotely or at campus centers, may access these services: Zoom Consultations: You can schedule a Zoom consultation and have a live video or audio conversation with a CWU writing tutor.

How do I access eTutoring at CWU?

eTutoring: The CWU Learning Commons participates in the Northwest eConsortium, a collection of institutions that pool their resources to offer tutoring in a wide variety of subjects, including writing. Access eTutoringfrom the Learning Commons website. Find Us on Campus or Contact Us

How do I book a meeting room at the Central Library?

Central Library meeting room set-ups vary. To book Central Library meeting rooms, please call Janet Lavilles at 213-228-7467. Once the LAPL Facility Use Form, proof of insurance and fee payment (or fee waiver) is approved, a permit will be issued to confirm your meeting venue or room reservation.

What makes a good CWU student?

They are CWU students in good academic standing who enjoy reading, writing, and working with people; possess a knowledge of the standards of written English; are active listeners and learners; and demonstrate successful, honest learning habits.

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