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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CubeSat simulation project?

CubeSat Simulation Project — A ready-to-simulate project ( CubeSat Simulation Project) that illustrates how to create a detailed CubeSat system design in Simulink by adding in detailed vehicle components to the provided framework.

What is the cubesatsim?

The CubeSatSim is a low cost satellite emulator that runs on solar panels and batteries, transmits UHF radio telemetry, has a 3D printed frame, and can be extended by additional sensors and modules.

What is the size of the AMSAT cubesatsim?

Each board is approximately 80mm x 80mm in size. The AMSAT CubeSatSim project is fully open source so the schematics and gerber files for all three boards as well as the Raspberry Pi software are available online. CubeSatSim Main PCB (left in picture) with surface mount band-pass filter components installed

How do I create a model of a CubeSat?

Click Create Model. The CubeSat Vehicle block models a simple CubeSat vehicle that you can use as is, with the CubeSat Vehicle block configured to use the initial orbital state as a set of Keplerian orbital elements. The model uses the Spherical Harmonic Gravity Model block to provide the vehicle gravity for the CubeSat.

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