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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CubeSat simulation project?

CubeSat Simulation Project — A ready-to-simulate project ( CubeSat Simulation Project) that illustrates how to create a detailed CubeSat system design in Simulink by adding in detailed vehicle components to the provided framework.

How can I simulate a CubeSat in orbit?

The CubeSat simulation project includes a model that is ready to simulate, but you can define the orbit trajectory and attitude of the CubeSat by double-clicking the “Edit Initial Orbit and Attitude” block in the model. It also lets you visualize the simulation with Simulink 3D Animation by rendering the CubeSat in orbit around the Earth.

What is the cubesatsim?

The CubeSatSim is a low cost satellite emulator that runs on solar panels and batteries, transmits UHF radio telemetry, has a 3D printed frame, and can be extended by additional sensors and modules.

What is the CubeSat vehicle model template?

CubeSat Vehicle Model template — A model template ( CubeSat Simulation Project) that illustrates how to propagate and visualize CubeSat trajectories using the CubeSat Vehicle block. The Spherical Harmonic Gravity Model block is used as the gravitational potential source for orbit propagation.

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