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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CubeSat International Conference?

The conference draws more than 500 industry professionals, small satellite developers and students who will take part in three days of live presentations, Q&A panels, exhibit booths, and more! This conference is particularly useful to new members of the CubeSat community with invaluable opportunities to meet and talk to industry veterans.

Who is involved in CubeSat Launch Initiative?

This guide was produced by the following to support NASA’s CubeSat Launch Initiative: Writers and Contributors California Polytechnic’s PolySat Program, California Polytechnic State University— San Luis Obispo Jamie Chin Roland Coelho Justin Foley Alicia Johnstone Ryan Nugent Dave Pignatelli Savannah Pignatelli Nikolaus Powell

How much does it cost to launch a CubeSat?

Costs. CubeSat forms a cost-effective independent means of getting a payload into orbit. After delays from low-cost launchers such as Interorbital Systems, launch prices have been about $100,000 per unit, but newer operators are offering lower pricing.

What is a CubeSat and why should you care?

The CubeSat specification accomplishes several high-level goals. The main reason for miniaturizing satellites is to reduce the cost of deployment: they are often suitable for launch in multiples, using the excess capacity of larger launch vehicles. The CubeSat design specifically minimizes risk to the rest of the launch vehicle and payloads.

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