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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of the CubeSat company?

Pumpkin was founded in 1995, and began selling their CubeSat kit in 2003, which they have since become known for. The company develops its own products, which have been used in multiple missions by NASA, space burial company and Elysium-Star 1, other organizations. Other products include structure, modules and solar panels.

Where can I get help making my own CubeSat?

Headquartered in Glasgow, with a US office, Clyde Space provides everything you need to make your own CubeSat.

What is the CubeSat standard?

Despite its emphasis on simplicity and low costs, the CubeSat standard address all the critical issues required for a successful mission, from the external mechanical dimensions of the nanosatellite, to the CubeSat-specific P-POD launcher, to test and integration procedures, etc. Maximum flexibility through integrated design

How long does it take to build a CubeSat?

CubeSat payloads and experiments are often new and unique, and project timelines are typically 9-24 months from inception to launch. Since launch opportunties are scheduled well in advance, it's critically important that a CubeSat project adhere to its schedules and stay on time and under budget.

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