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Frequently Asked Questions

What 3D CAD software is used with the CubeSat Kit?

3D Models of the CubeSat Kit The CubeSat Kit is designed and modelled using SolidWorks®. The CubeSat Kit 3D CAD models are of CubeSat Kit components and assemblies. Each compressed zip file contains up to 4 file types (listed by suggested preference): Solidworks (*.SLDPRT) can be opened in SWX-2006 and later versions

How do I create a model of a CubeSat?

Click Create Model. The CubeSat Vehicle block models a simple CubeSat vehicle that you can use as is, with the CubeSat Vehicle block configured to use the initial orbital state as a set of Keplerian orbital elements. The model uses the Spherical Harmonic Gravity Model block to provide the vehicle gravity for the CubeSat.

What is the CubeSat simulation project?

CubeSat Simulation Project — A ready-to-simulate project ( CubeSat Simulation Project) that illustrates how to create a detailed CubeSat system design in Simulink by adding in detailed vehicle components to the provided framework.

How can I visualize the orbit of CubeSat?

If you have a valid Simulink 3D Animation license, you can also visualize the orbit in the CubeSat Orbit Animation window. Save a copy of the orbit propagation model. You can use this model for the mission analysis live script.

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