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Frequently Asked Questions

What software is the CubeSat kit designed and modelled using?

The CubeSat Kit is designed and modelled using SolidWorks®. The CubeSat Kit 3D CAD models are of CubeSat Kit components and assemblies. Each compressed zip file contains up to 4 file types (listed by suggested preference): Solidworks (*.SLDPRT) can be opened in SWX-2006 and later versions.

What is the CubeSat developers workshop?

The CubeSat Developers Workshop is an annual conference hosted by the Cal Poly CubeSat Laboratory at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. We currently plan to hold the 2022 conference in-person at the Cal Poly Performing Arts Center, as we have in years past.

When will the CubeSat Launch?

The cubesat is projected to launch in mid-2022 on a to-be-determined rocket. VDES is currently limited to ground-based transmitters, limiting coverage to shorelines, but has 32 times the bandwidth of Automatic Identification System transmitters, according to an AAC Clyde news release.

What is the CubeSat International Conference?

The conference draws more than 500 industry professionals, small satellite developers and students who will take part in three days of live presentations, Q&A panels, exhibit booths, and more! This conference is particularly useful to new members of the CubeSat community with invaluable opportunities to meet and talk to industry veterans.

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