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Frequently Asked Questions

What is cubedcraft server hosting?

CubedCraft is a server that offers free spigot server hosting but also has other gamemodes available. 2. Are their any limitations in CubedCraft hosting?

How do boosters work in cubedcraft?

CubedCraft has a system called boosters. A player can use a booster to boost a server. A boost lasts 30 days and a player can use multiple boosters at once. Each boost gives the server the ability to hold more players, more memory and more RAM. If a server reaches 12 boosts it will stay online 24/7.

Can I code cubedcraft with Java?

Unfortunately, because CubedCraft uses bungee you cannot use Java to code it (but their are lots of java plugins available), if you are looking to learn plugin development you should look else where. 3. Does the server have to be 1.15?

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