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Frequently Asked Questions

How to join islands in skyblock?

Click on the skyblock menu in the far right or 9th hot bar slot. Click on the Profiles button. Scroll down and click on Profile Invites. Click on the island you want to join. By completing quest you unlock islands and get rewards. You can look at your quest by clicking on a villager and selecting the quest button or you can use your skyblock menu.

What is the best island to get iron?

Click to expand... Birch Forest. It is the island that you get iron. This one is a no brainer. Wait am I tripping or does it say “ Skywars Islands - poll” instead of “ Skyblock Islands - poll”?

How do you unlock the blaze spawner Island?

You don’t actually unlock anything on the blaze spawner island. Wither can be summoned for a quest on the nether fortress, which therefore unlocks the blaze spawner island, but there is nothing actually new on the last nether island. Click to expand...

What's new in skyblock hub?

Hello there fellow cubecrafters! the shop and loads more! Since the nether update came out there has been a new station in the skyblock hub, the optimiser. After unlocking the nether you are able to craft an optimiser, aka a daylight-sensor.

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