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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to grow/generate crops in skyblock?

With the release of Skyblock I have decided to gather information about the different crops and generators you can find in the game such as the time it takes for them to grow/generate and how much their resources sell for in the shop! Growth time: 50 minutes (per block height. Maximum block height of 3)

How much is a melon worth in skyblock?

As for redstone, I don't know anything about that. Click to expand... The sell price of a melon is 220 Skyblock coins. Thanks!! The sell price of a melon is 220 Skyblock coins.

How do you join an island in skyblock?

(Be sure to not have a co-op island and to be be playing on the first island) 1 Click on the skyblock menu in the far right or 9th hot bar slot. 2 Click on the Profiles button. 3 Scroll down and click on Profile Invites. 4 Click on the island you want to join.

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