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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to grow/generate crops in skyblock?

With the release of Skyblock I have decided to gather information about the different crops and generators you can find in the game such as the time it takes for them to grow/generate and how much their resources sell for in the shop! Growth time: 50 minutes (per block height. Maximum block height of 3)

How much is a melon worth in skyblock?

As for redstone, I don't know anything about that. Click to expand... The sell price of a melon is 220 Skyblock coins. Thanks!! The sell price of a melon is 220 Skyblock coins.

How do I Make my crops grow faster in Minecraft?

After unlocking the nether you are able to craft an optimiser, aka a daylight-sensor. Upon right clicking this block a GUI pops up, in which you can choose between crops, generators and trees. Each boost requires 16 of the same item, with a maximum of 5 boosts at a time. During this time the growth will be twice as fast for the whole category.

What crops do fortune tools not work on?

For crops I've yet to find one that any fortune tool doesn't work on, and only Cocoa Beans, Melons and Pumpkins take away durability on the tool you're using. So wheat, carrots, beetroot, potatoes, any crops like that can have an extra 1 added onto its maximum harvest amount.

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