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Frequently Asked Questions

What number is its own cube root?

Cube Root of Numbers from 1 - 100. The third root of any number is known as the cube root. (i.e.,) 3√ 8 = 3√2x2x2, which means, 2 is the cube root of 8. It can also be defined as a number multiplied with its square. Here is a list of both perfect and imperfect cube roots of all numbers from 1 to 100.

What is the cube root equation?

Solution to Example 1: Rewrite equation with the term containing cube root on one side as follows. 3√x = x Raise both sides to power 3 in order to clear the cube root. ( 3√x ) 3 = x 3 Rewrite the above equation with right side equal to zero. x - x 3 = 0 Factor. x (1 - x 2) = 0 and solve for x. solutions are : x = 0 , x = - 1 and x = 1.

What is the index of a cube root?

The parts of a cube root are as follows: The radix sign indicates that it is a mathematical root, and the index of three tells us that it is the 3rd root. The number below the radix is called the radicand. The result of the mathematical operation is denoted by the equal sign and called the cube root.

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