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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the eligibility criteria for CTET exam?

NCTE has set the guidelines for Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET) and the basic eligibility criteria is to have passed senior secondary or graduation with a minimum of 50% aggregate marks and a relevant teacher training program. As you scored 47% which is less than 50%, you might not be allowed to appear.

What is the eligibility criteria for CET 1 and 2?

For paper one, You must pass your senior secondary or its equivalent with at least 50% of the scores. I have 73% in 12 , 43% in graduation and 65% post graduation, be.d 64% can i eligible for ctet 1 and 2 paper The candidate must have minimum of 50% marks in their graduation degree from any relevant field of study to be eligible for Paper II.

Can I apply for CTET Paper 2 with 45% in 12th?

Yes with 45% marks at UG level and B.Ed qualification you will be eligible to apply for CTET Paper 2. For Paper 1 however, Diploma in Elementary Education is required along with atleast 50% marks at 12th level. There is no upper age limit for CTET exam however one must be atleast 17 years of age to apply.

Can a BA student apply in mathematics and Science in CTET?

For more information, kindly visit the following link here: CTET Eligibility can a student of BA can apply in "Mathematics and Science" in Paper 2 CTET . Yes, you can apply for paper 2 CTET if you are a BA student. You must have good knowlege about the subjects. You can check out the detailed eligibility criteria here: CTET Eligibility 2021.

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