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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Columbus State Community College exploration tool?

The Columbus State Community College Exploration tool is intended to support discovery for programs, courses, careers and transfer opportunities, but does not represent the college's official academic record for this or past years. Please see the College Catalog if you're looking for an official record of our academic offering.

What is the difference between cougarweb and self-service?

Self-Service has replaced CougarWeb. Self-Service contains all of the features of the old CougarWeb, with an updated and streamlined modern interface. Self-Service is an interactive web application that enables users to view their individual information contained in Columbus State’s Colleague® databases.

How many CCs grads are enrolling at Columbus State?

The free college initiative resulted in 629 CCS grads enrolling at Columbus State for 2022-2023. Foundation philanthropic campaign attains $10 million goal. Intel is bringing chip manufacturing to Central Ohio. Find out how Columbus State is a leader in developing new educational pathways to these exciting new careers.

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