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Frequently Asked Questions

What does CRV stand for?

CRV. Chinese Rural Vehicle. Inspection, Inspector, China. Inspection, Inspector, China. 1. CRV. ...

Is a CRV a truck or a van?

Q: What is a CRV? Introduced by Honda in 1995 as the name for its car-based utility vehicle, the acronym "CRV" (as in Honda CR-V) represents a mix between a car or minivan and a sport utility vehicle, or SUV. There are at least two official definitions of its meaning.

How much does a Honda CRV cost?

With all of the options and packages added to the top-tier Touring trim, a fully-loaded 2022 Honda CR-V costs around $41,000 MSRP for the gas-powered model and $42,000 MSRP for the hybrid model. However, that doesn’t include the various accessories that you can add to the CR-V.

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