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How many Creek Indians died on the trail of Tears?

The final death toll of the Trail of Tears is impossible to verify, says Smithers, he notes that contemporary historians believe that between 4,000 and 8,000 Cherokee perished during the forced removals in 1838 and 1839, as well as 4,000 Choctaw (a third of the entire tribe) and 3,500 Creek Indians.

What really happened on the trail of Tears?

The story of the actual Trail of Tears is pretty simple. Beginning in the 1830s, the Cherokee people were forced from their land by the U.S. government and forced to walk nearly 1,000 miles to a new home in a place they had never seen before. Thousands of people died on the harsh and totally unnecessary journey.

How many creeks died in the trail of Tears?

Many were treated brutally. An estimated 3,500 Creeks died in Alabama and on their westward journey. Could the Trail of Tears been prevented? This tragedy could have been prevented by Andrew Jackson rescinded his pride and pressed for fixing the problems revolving Indians and the settlers rather than removing, displacing, and murdering them.

What are facts about the trail of Tears?

Trail of Tears FactsU.S. ...While some tribes went willingly, the Seminole tribe resisted for seven years. ...John Ross led the Cherokees and acted as the negotiator between the U.S. ...The Cherokees were the last to trek the harrowing Trail of Tears after the Treaty of New Echota was passed. ...The U.S. ...More items...

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